Starting with Why

When beginning a new endeavor, I always have a moment to ask myself the simplest, most powerful question …Why?

Why am I starting a blog?

Just about three years ago, I entered into an awakening phase of my life. I didn’t realize it then, as this “phase” was painful and felt more like a shedding. I had begun to embrace my desire to study hidden knowledge. As I journeyed into the teachings and lectures of astrologers, inspirational leaders, and self-help books, everything that I thought I knew about my life began to crumble. The roles that I found myself in appeared artificial to me. They were made up to conform to a particular standard of society. As my studies grew more intense, I began to take responsibility for my life and for what I attracted into it. I dug deep into the origins of my thought patterns. And I discovered the core memories that informed my perspective on certain topics.

As I became aware of my habitual thought processes, I felt a release from my own imprisoned cycles of thought. I found myself in situations that left me vulnerable, with no more ‘made-up’ ego-ic shell to hide behind. I found myself bombarded with expectations that I no longer desired to fulfill.

This ultimately led me to embrace that I no longer needed to hold onto my trauma. For it continued to put me into old patterned thoughts and then unconscious actions.


I decided to start over with a simple approach. I asked myself, What if I started with “I don’t know”. It’s crazy. I know. With all my studies, you would think I would boast that I know everything! But I actually was pulled to let go of everything I had learned. I needed a blank canvas to start over. And I felt empowered of the fact that I could start over! So, I began with the topics that had plagued me the most before my awakening. What if I didn’t know that ‘All men cheat’? What if I didn’t know that eating chocolate ice cream would make me gain weight? What if I didn’t know that I had to work a 9-5 to be successful?

Something about letting go of these mental agreements and starting with ‘I don’t know’ created a release within my body that I never had experienced. A weighted pain was lifted instantly.

What I realize now is I had broken my first cycle. The cycle of unconscious thinking. And with this new wave of awareness, I have felt compelled to share my experience with others.

If we are to move into a more elevated collective consciousness, we will need to become aware of the cyclic practices that keep us away from achieving what we want out of life. I created this blog because I am not done with my work. It has been a personal journey for me so far. But now I feel compelled to break the privacy and share with the world. As I journey into this new phase I hope you will be inspired to break your own cycles and step into your own path of true elevation.




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