The invisible chokehold on Artists


Inside you there’s an artist you don’t know about…Say yes quickly…you’ve known it from before the beginning of the universe.” – Jalai Ud-Din Rumi

We are all master creators. Created and made to create.

When i refer to ‘artists’ in this post, i’m thinking about you. i’m talking about you.

I’m referring to every human being walking on this planet.

What many of us artists fail to see is that there is an invisible chokehold around our creativity. We are bound to a certain idea of what “making it” looks like. Whilst success comes in a vast amount of fantasies of ours, it is made up of the same basics; money, power and women (or sexual fulfillment ). This is one of the many, yet most poignant cycles we artists need to break.

In order to break the cycle, we must first break the cycle down and be aware that not all of our thoughts and feelings are ours. We think we are in 100% control of ourselves. However, unless you have access to your subconscious, you are in less control than you think. Our thoughts, feelings, and actions are driven by underlying beliefs that we don’t address in the conscious mind. Everything you think, say, and do has a direct correlation to a learned experience from your past.

In our American culture, there is a formula or a series of stages to conquer in order to be successful. First we begin with an announcement to the universe that we want to be an artist. We approach our blank canvas with eager fingers and we are ready to create our masterpiece. We believe our product will gain the necessary fame and recognition in order to attract the money, power and sex. Then we can officially call ourselves successful.

Similar to our American schooling, there is a formula that puts us within a system. We start with pre-k and kindergarten. We climb the grade numbers until we attain the high school diploma. Then we move onto college, and get the degree. Nail the 9-5 job; with benefits and sick days. Bam! We made it.

We make a song, create a demo, pitch it to record labels, and try to get signed. We enter into showcases or submit to online opportunities. We finally land an audition with a major record label. Book the deal. Sign the contract. We’ll be super mega stars. Bam! We made it.

These are both examples of systems that condition the mind into a cyclic pattern of being. The programming results in a control of our free thinking. Trapped in this cycle, we close the door from the infinite amount of ways to achieve success. In these systems, the idea of “success” itself limits us because of its singularity. In which, everyone is striving for the same treasure with the same map. We are unable to see any other possibilities. It is too ‘out there’ for our minds to grasp as the systemic formula is ingrained in us. Our parents learn it, they teach it to us, and we live and breathe the system.

The spirit of the artist becomes dulled out. From the seed of creation, we are plagued with perfectionism. We need it to be perfect. Where did we learn perfect? From the song on the radio? We become self-critical of our art because it just doesn’t sound right. It just does not look like what is on TV. We become insecure of our execution. The fire and passion that made you want to start is now a dwindling flicker.

Some artists make it. They have the tenacity to push through and overcome their insecurities. But they are faced with the struggle to stay authentic. Which in result, allows the artist to believe that the mass audience of humans in the world, would probably not be interested in what they have to say unless it conforms to a commercialized standard. Unfortunately, The appeal of commercial advertisement can let any artist give up their authenticity for a fast track to the top.

Today, I see artists who are mute. They choose not to say anything for fear of no one listening. I see artists who are ‘views’ counters. They choose to put out their music and become addicted to watching their views grow. A stable growth of views and followers means they are on their way. Some artists will even pay for spam accounts to add views and followers to their social pages. I see artists who focus solely on their “brand” image. They have a wardrobe stylist, makeup artist, and hair stylist. They spend their money on marketing to gain more exposure. The energy push behind this is very familiar to me, as I too suffer from all of these actions. What I see clearly now, is that the underlining message of the need to push your image is because you are not good enough just as you are. We are so tapped into the material world. We only know to go out and get material things to make a materialized image to gain more material things. So we spend our last coins on marketing and branding and not enough time (our real value) on building and gaining an intimate relationship with our craft.

To break the cycle, we will have to get uncomfortable. We will have to let go and allow ourselves the freedom to create without boundaries and without criticism. We will have to let go of very deeply ingrained ideas of ourselves and what we think our art is supposed to be. We will have to be brutally honest and ask

‘Is this really what I want to do?’

‘What really gives me the most fulfillment?’

‘How can I be honest and open with my creativity?’

In Astrology, the birth chart is made up of 12 houses. If you are new to astrology, you have landed on the best blog as I will happily input some basic lessons here. The house system is based on the rotation of the Earth. It is a mathematical calculation for astrologers to configure the areas of your life in which the energy will be most prominent. Thats as far as i’ll go with the lesson for today! I want to bring to your attention the basic ruling of the fifth house. The fifth house is ruled by LEO energy. Therefore, the fifth house is the house of ‘joy and spontaneous self-expression. It’s the house of risk-taking, creativity, children, and love.’

(resource link:

The sign of LEO is ruled by creativity and self-expression because its natural ruler is the Sun; the Ego.  I’ve always found it interesting that childbirth, creativity, and self-expression are connected in astrology. Humans are natural creators based off of the basic need to reproduce in order to maintain the human race. The origins of our creativity are deep within rather than reaching externally. When you think of childbirth, the parental figures integrate their natural genes to create a new being. Our creative life comes from us, our personal experiences, and our truths. In order to tap into our authenticity, we will need to love who we are.


Embrace everything that you are and then reveal it to the world!  That is your only job as an artist. Whomever your art resonates with, is in natural vibration and will be attracted to your work. I believe if we start focusing on the quality and authenticity of what we are giving, we will create a mecca of artistic options. Imagine how FREE the world would be if everyone wasn’t trying to be. like. one thing.



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