The Energetic power of Protest

“We have the tendency to assume that all life experience is the same as it is in the physical dimension.  It is not. Rather, life exists on many vibrational levels…”-Barbara Ann Brennan


What is the point in a group of citizens holding signs, walking for hours at a time, and yelling out their demands without any IMMEDIATE change to show for it? Those who protest are often portrayed as dramatic “attention seekers” and “troublemakers” causing more ruckus than actually contributing to the progress of human rights. But is this really the case?

The effective power behind protest exists on the physical and spiritual level. It has been demonstrated and proven to be so in our history, but never before have we needed to dissect and understand the multi-dimensional influence that protesting has to manifest change on a mass-collective level.

I believe those who peg activists as just troublemakers are in resistance to the flow of evolution. For in fact, activists are  ‘troublemakers’ in a sense, that they are a disturbance of the cycle of comfort that enables ignorance. This cyclic need for comfort feeds the resistance to the natural law of evolution for the human species. The powerful energy behind protests are one of the most effective ways to address deep-rooted issues within the human race that are in desperate need of change for our development.

It is evident in our history, that a necessary catalyst of dramatic change is the disturbance of peace. Activists in history have been called ‘troublemakers’ before, when once they decided to push for change. I recently watched the movie ‘SELMA’, a historical recapture of the blueprint of effective protest, led by Dr. Martin Luther King in the 1960’s. This powerful movie takes us back into the lives of protestors who chose to be televised martyrs for the civil rights movement.

selma2Their deliberate strategy of protest was to stage a ‘dramatic’ event in order to reveal the issues at hand. We experience their fight for the freedom to vote in the thick, racially charged city in Alabama through this act of protest. ‘SELMA’ provides a visual reminder that despite unfortunate violence, an undeniable collective ignorance, and an insurmountable amount of patience and sacrifice, the act of human protests have proven to be an effective way to bring about change in our American History.

I believe that these brave acts are still necessary for change at a collective level. While, protestors in the 1960’s fought for the right to vote, they were obviously fighting for something even greater than that; Their birthright for freedom and equality. Thus, while many can practice their right to vote now, without resistance from racial bigots, voting is not enough. Honestly, it never was.


While there is a place for legal practice of the equal right to vote in our society, this is not enough when needing to address a deeper rooted issue.  The human collective cannot rely on others to create the change that they need, but must understand the power within themselves to manifest change on an energetic level. Choosing to vote rather than take action is like putting a band-aid on a broken rib. Civil practices like voting can work, but only once we have established the underlying issues at hand.

I walked on December 13th, 2014 in Washington Square Park with thousands of people in the Millions March NYC. There were people of all colors and backgrounds.  I remember seeing people with different signs that had various demands for change. Some signs addressed racism, some feminism, against police, frustration against wall street and the government. The messages were endless, but we were all there together with the same intention for the desire to be heard. Once I decided to partake in this protest, It was undeniable to me the super-powers of feeling, commitment, thoughts, and intention that we humans have to get what we desire.

millionsmarchnycLeaders like Dr. Martin Luther King, understood the human psyche and how it would have to ultimately respond once it is a witness to the violence of racism within our country. It is because of this understanding that he coordinated the protests to be non-violent which would magnify the evident brutal, violent racism of those in our country. Along with the act of non-violence, I believe Dr. Martin Luther King also understood the power of a group of people taking action together. For the secret ingredient to the energetic power of protest lies in one of the main universal spiritual practices;

The Law of Attraction.

The significance in the Law of Attraction comes with the understanding that everything is energy and energies of similar vibration will attract. Our feelings and thoughts are one of our most dominant vibrations and are measured in what many call your aura. One human’s auric energy field is said to extend past arms length.


One individual attending a protest is surrounded by their own electromagnetic vibrations. Their thoughts take on the magnetic attraction of the sun like in our universe. Their intention for partaking in this protest as well as their desired results are vibrating around their energetic field.

Then, this individual walks side by side with another individual who also comes with their own electromagnetic vibrations of intention and desire. These two individuals have attracted themselves to one another due to their similar vibrations. They both understand the deep need of change in their society, and thus they similarly vibrate and attract to one another. And so on and so forth. As a protest grows in numbers, the individuals come with their own intentions and are attracting themselves to “like-minded” vibrations. Remembering that the aura field of a human being can extend past arms length, you now can understand that in a protest, several thought vibrations are now layered amongst each other.


I believe attraction and the layering of aura energy fields creates an even greater energetic entity. This entity becomes so powerful enough that it generates a visible and vibrational message to anyone who is a witness to a protest, even if they are not physically in attendance.

In addition to the layered of aura fields of intention, these individuals are also using their power of attraction and manifesting through chanting and marching.  These are common practices already throughout many religious and spiritual rituals.

The power of the individuals who protest lies in the knowledge of the Law of Attraction. As we undergo another collective shift, we can now use our knowledge to our advantage. With the understanding of ‘disturbing the peace’ strategy, we still have a responsibility in doing it in a way that will provoke emotional and mental response to match ours, creating an attraction that will benefit the human rights movement.

 I don’t believe anyone could deny the memories of how they felt while living in the 1960’s, and either being a participant within the protest or a witness to it. The demonstration of protest led by civil rights leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King, attracted like-mindedness and created a universal force that caused the rest of the world to react.


If we open ourselves to the multi-energetic layers that are present in our human-make up,

we can understand our truest power individually and collectively.





‘HANDS UP!!’ – Artist, The Beege (includes footage from Dec. 13th Millions March NYC

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2 thoughts on “The Energetic power of Protest

  1. WOW. Thank you so much for this inspired article. I was looking for the perfect words to explain why protest is effective on an energetic level. I posted it on my FB page in hopes that people will stop calling us idiots because we choose to exercise our First Amendment rights. After that I looked at the rest of your site and realized you are an astrologer! I am as well! It’s so nice to meet another activist astrologer. Thank you again for this contribution. Your entire site is awesome!


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