BREAKING BLACK : Black History Month

“If I could have convinced more slaves that they were slaves, I could have freed thousands more.”

-Harriet Tubman


When we have triumphed over our racial tension, Black History Month will no longer be necessary. The cycle that bonds us to Black History Month comes from a place of being in the dark. To be in the light would be to have the knowledge. To have the knowledge would be to have real freedom. For it is the knowledge stripped of the slave, and the injection of fear in its place, that keeps one in slavery, in the dark, unknowing of his origins or even his divine birthright of sovereignty.


Dr. Carter Woodson created Negro History Week in the 1920’s because there was an evident lack of information regarding the history of Negroes in the education at that time. It was his intention to integrate Negro history within American history. Because it IS American History. ‘Negro History Week’ grew to become Black History Month, a celebration of the accomplishments of the Negro in the face of adversity. But this sort of upgrade to Negro History Week, seemed to altogether ignore its original purpose.


By choosing to ignore, we continue to exercise the divide of Negro history from American history. Furthermore, we keep ourselves in constant tension of racial divide starting from the classroom. Dr. King said in his “I have a dream” speech,” I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” HAS THE DREAM COME TRUE? Are we as a people making conscious judgements of people because of their character or because of their skin color? Do we stand up for Obama because he has good intentions or because he is the first Black president? Are we connecting with these people in our present day lives, because of their skin color or because of who they are? We use Black as a reason for our loyalty, but can we be blinding ourselves from the truth by identifying with Black no matter what?

IMG_2257We are supposed to learn that it was the content of their character, the dreams that they wanted to come true, the thoughts in their heads that made them great, when we study the history. The judgement of skin color was what enslaved our leaders like Dr. King. The identification of skin color was their adversity. And now, we hold onto their adversity instead of ridding ourselves of it; every year, every February. Which brings me to some very important realizations right now as February comes to a close in 2015, and we hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, and we fight for the lives of the youth of color, if we choose to ignore some basic facts, if we choose to overlook educating ourselves in the shortest month of the year, then what are we really fighting for? And what are we really celebrating?

50 years later, we are shaken by the racial discrimination in our jobs, in our communities, and with the police. Why are we so shocked? Why are we so angry? When we continue to support racism?

The etymology of ‘Racist’ :

Race – people of common descent/ breed/lineage

ist – one who does or makes / believing in a certain doctrine or custom

Below I broke down the phrases in several ways leading me to some more revelations:

-one who makes a believing in a certain doctrine/custom of people of common descent

-believing in a certain breed/lineage

-believing in a certain doctrine/custom of people of common descent

-one who makes people of common descent

Dr. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. Expressed in his speech that he wanted racism to end. And yet, all Of us are racists. Whether you are the privileged, the oppressor, or the victim, because we associate with Black or White we continuously practice racism. If I am dispel racism, the only way to do this would be to let go of identifying as Black. And so the question I have for the rest of the world is, now that you know, do you want to stop being a racist? If not, well now you can continue to celebrate Black History. But if you do, like I do, then one cannot celebrate until Black History is no more. So in Black history month we will not celebrate but study and break down the History of Black.


Resources online: Dr Carter Woodson on Negro History Week


4 thoughts on “BREAKING BLACK : Black History Month

  1. Excellent article! I agree with your premise that if we all stop being colors, races, or nationalities, then we can all just be humans. It may happen if we would just recognize that we all come from the same two parents who were created by an Awesome God. Let’s keep praying for that to happen!


  2. As humans we have long held on to the need to put each other in labeled boxes. I used to wear those labels proud, lesbian, Irish, Native, Atheist, but now I try to look at myself as human. I’ve heard many say “I don’t notice color” or “I don’t care if you are black, white blue or purple” like it’s a way to prove one is not a racist. I do notice all the wonderful different race/cultures that make up our world, and makes it a beautiful place. Keep up the great writing, I look forward to reading more of your posts. Maybe before I die we won’t need #BlackLivesMatter instead it will truly be #AllLivesMatter

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    1. Thank you! I keep seeking to understand our need to be labeled. I imagine it’s because we need to belong to something bigger than ourselves. I’m hopeful that our community can find peace with our identity one day


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