“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.” – Albert Einstein


feminine vs feminism2

The Sacred Divine Feminine is the most essential element to the progression of the Feminist movement. And yet, it is quite often dismissed by the ones who need to know it the most; the Feminists.

It is understated, that from birth our feminine principles have been shaped by a dominant patriarchal society. As we fight for equality in our lives, we avoid the feelings that we experienced during our upbringing. These natural feelings are the access to our femininity. But these feelings have been suppressed in our mental conditioning. We have grown a jaded perspective of feminine principles. We have learned from an early age that showing tears, or vulnerable feelings are a sign of weakness. We have learned that in order to survive we must compete, attack and win.  We still play the game as we fight for equal laws in a political and economic structure, knowing that it was not built on equality. Yet we still seek to change the laws, instead of changing the people and how we care and treat one another.

I can understand our fear to assign MASCULINE and FEMININE principles into defined roles. We have been victims of these sort of falsified “girl gets pink, boy gets blue” standards in our lopsided society.


So when we hear “roles” we are on high alert! We are traumatized from the projection of forced ‘old-school, traditional’ mentality, of ‘being good polite little girls and obeying’, and into the”makeup and high heels” undercurrent standards. Everyday, I am still triggered by the magazine covers in the subways and bookstores. Or by the Self-Help books and article titles, (in my granny voice) “Three ways to be feminine – wear fitted clothing, skirts and accessorize!” So we steer clear of putting ourselves into this confined box. Totally understandable.

But what if we looked at our connection to nature? Within nature there are naturally common denominators all over. Some of us are out of sync with nature. Some of us deny our connection altogether, despite the blatant belty, voice of mother nature.



Within our physical world, we see the feminine and masculine themes all throughout nature.


PicMonkey Collage2

No we are not only animals, but we are apart of the larger entity that is the scientific, cosmic, spiritual, natural-world. We can find common threads. A natural law regarding the principles of femininity. Think of the human who becomes a mother, and her feelings of unconditional love for her baby. Think of the care and nurture it takes to invest into this baby so that it grows strong enough to survive in the world. One of the principles we seem to have right is the respect for the mother and the life that she will give up for her babies to protect them. This kind of sacrifice is glorified, maybe a little too little, in our society, but it does represent the strength that a mother has to undertake, especially single-parent mothers.


Common feminine and masculine principles stretch throughout the species on this Earth. We can take these principles and apply them to our lives and we may find that they do not trap us, but actually free us into our true potential. This is based off the spiritual concept that just like nature, we are measured by many layers; physical, energetic, emotional, etc. Furthermore, each human being embodies the dichotomy, the divide of masculine and feminine principles. The objective of each individual is to balance the two energies within. However, the dominance of the Masculine in our society, has created an imbalance within the individual, who is apart of the collective that abides by an imbalanced political, social, and economic construct.

If the feminine movement desires to make a change, one of the most poignant actions would be to not fight for the elimination of the masculine energy, but to bring up the weakened feminine. By receiving others perspectives, using our intuition and putting our care and nurture into the people of the movement, we can tap into incredible power.

The Yin (feminine)                          The Yang (masculine)

relaxation                                                 action

    fluidity                                                   direction

receptiveness                                            work

intuition                                                    power


Connecting with the emotional body is a key element in embracing your femininity. The suppression of the emotions is commonly practiced. When we embrace our emotions we tap deeper into ourselves and our past trauma. We can then explore the ideals that we have shaped due to the pain that we experienced during this trauma. The effects of the emotions on the physical body are proven time and again. Using a chart like the one below can help you to become more aware of the effects of your emotions on your body. Accessing the chakra points where you are stimulated, you can consider the hidden messages from your subconscious actions. For instance, walking down the sidewalk often gives me anxiety when I am confronted by cat-callers. Recognizing the heat in my chest, I can see that this area is ruled by helplessness, shame and humiliation. I then, consider other memories where I have felt this same heat, or these same emotions from the map. I am now aware of triggers and reactionary patterns within myself. This work is meaningful as it gives me the power to recognize that I do not have to react to the stimulus in front of me. Thus, I begin to overcome the feelings of anxiety and avoid the desire to commit the actions done onto me, onto anyone else.


The 4th wave of feminism seeks to combine the values of several perspectives; women of color, transgender identity, and transnationalism. The need to re-define the feminine principle is essential in order to be successful. The beliefs of each femin(e)-ist, will begin to matter. Even more we can tap into our emotions, our intuition and our feelings to find the answers to our problems and share them amongst one another. We need to feed our divine, natural, sacred feminine energy within ourselves, our sisterhood, our children, and especially our men.

Inclusivity is apart of these feminine principles. I’m not saying that you should blindly welcome anyone into your circle. There are harmful, dangerous people out there. Learning to mend with your intuition will aid your feeling secure and safe. Eventually you will be a stronger protector with a sharpened intuition to detect harmful energies. The major point of inclusivity is to act with love, and include those who are supporters, despite how they may look or how different they are. Men included.

Men play an important part in raising the divine feminine energy. Including men into the movement is essential as females are not the only victims of the dominant patriarchal society. Males, too are victims of the divine masculine and feminine imbalance. The feminist movement can sharpen its spear, when its stops excluding men. We need to embrace their pain. The roles that have been projected onto them are just as painful. The dichotomy of masculinity and femininity are within men too. When the feminist movement pushes too hard, some men become paranoid at the notion that we want them to become feminine, in which please take note, is still rooted in a patriarchal feminine definition. There are many articles on preserving the sacred masculinity, assuring that these principles will free us from our fears. Here is a link to an article entitled:

“The Dissimilation of the Sacred Masculine” for your further reading.

(copy and paste LINK: )

We must include men into the movement so that they can hear our feelings and we can hear theirs. If humans embraced both polarities within, and feminists invited men into the movement, surely, the dominant patriarchal structure would begin to quiver.

I’d like to discuss a recent parody written on the famous Fifty Shades of Grey movie, shared by Dismantle Misogyny, a feminist page on Facebook with over 5500 followers. This article is a comedic take on the movie. Conquering the stereotype that women are subtle sexual creatures, Dismantle Misogyny calls it “Fresh, sharp, funny and sassy feminist rewriting ..” It evidently seeks to free women from the victim, prey role, and rewrites Ana as a more dominant sexual being. This initially is exciting and fun to explore, but once the parody attacks the trauma of Christian Gray, we as a reader have a choice to care or not.


“My inner goddess puts on a necklace of men’s skulls and starts doing a war dance of victory. [Christian has a] .. great body, but he lurches between ranting about his childhood and trying to play out his virgin fantasies, which I was having none of…When the suit comes off, Christian Grey is like every self-involved controlling man-child.” 

to read the whole parody, copy & paste (link: )

In this except from the 50 shades parody , The character, Ana is portrayed as empowering herself in this sassy new feminist way. But through the process of being more powerful,, she chooses to be condescending onto Christian, the oppressor, or the stereo-typical patriarchal man. This is because her trauma wants her to feel powerful instead of powerless to which the feminist writer is attempting to portray. If this newly re-written Ana was more vulnerable with her own emotions, the story may not be as fun and sassy. No longer can she “use the Master’s tools to dismantle the Master’s house”. If we were to read further into the original Fifty Shades of Gray book series, (spoiler alert !!!) we later learn that Christian was horrifically abused as an infant. Now we have access to the core of Christian Grey and his “man-child” ways. The question is do we use the tools we are conditioned with and step on him? Or do we put care into him and find empathy towards his life journey. Adding the feminine principle of care, takes the parody back to real solutions for real change. It’s the desire to care, the strengthening of her intuition, and the knowledge of her emotions that binds the Feminist to her femininity. Raising her femininity to balance her masculine creates effective solutions to the problems in her society. Can the feminist use her warrior tactics and her aggression? Absolutely, but only after she has nurtured the feminine principles as they are currently weak in her mental conditioning. Feminism is about liberation from systems that hold marginalized peoples down. The feminist must liberate herself from the patriarchal conditioning that intends to keep her internally divided. Blessings, resources: Albert Einstein Quote:


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