The Shaming of Menstruation. period.

“I bleed each month to help make humankind a possibility. my womb is home to the divine.”  – RUPI KAUR

As I enter into this next post, ill have to be straightforward and honest. I’m often facing shameful feelings that I can’t seem to overcome. Im hopeful this will be a platform to create a discussion and come to solutions that will result in blissful peace for myself and others alike. So now we come down to a personal, private topic. THE SHAMING OF MENSTRUATION. PERIOD. redpaint It is only recently that I have been aware of the feelings of shame behind my menstruation cycles. The female menstruation cycle is a cycle that cannot be broken until the age or time requires. It feels like i’m trapped into a cyclic punishment every month. My cheeks heat up and my belly bloats out. I kind of don’t want anyone to touch me. Stay on your side of the couch. I can’t help but be so distant. Great now, I look like a flaming bitch! And thus, I have an interesting challenge on my hands, to face a cycle that must continue. Good Grief! I find that there is a collective feeling of dread towards menstruation amongst women. I have often found myself, bringing down my volume when I’m talking about my period with another female. It’s like there is a universal understanding that we must bring down our voices so as not to disturb others about our bloody, bodily functions. Also, I often find myself asking, ‘Why am I always miserable during this time?’ Its certainly a dreaded moment every month. Something that requires preparation and care; stocking up on toiletries and pills. Having to brace yourself for the undeniable painful cramping and that ‘weak thigh’ feeling you’ll have to endure for a few days. It’s known as a dreadful time and I wonder if we can change that feeling? I believe that if we can change how we view our menstruation cycles, we may find that we can embrace a sacred part of ourselves that we have repressed. spiritualbody Females have a divine right to embrace every part and function of their body. From the baby hairs that grow in the hidden crevices, to the prickly ones that we quickly shave, cream or wax off. We can partake polishing up our temple, but are we happy with it regardless? Do we accept our fully, natural selves? These are the first questions I believe we must ask as we look into the relationship we have with our bodies. We can be clean, and we can be sweaty and stinky. We can have white, pearly, teeth, or bad vomit, breath. But, seriously, do we accept ourselves regardless? When it is time to have Aunt Dot over, will she be accepted, or fought against until she leaves? The feelings behind our feelings matter. Lets talk about blood. The fact that blood is involved and is apparently an inappropriate element, is absolutely hypocritical. We are desensitized to busted brains, and bloody guts in our movies. We are comfortable with bullet hole shots to the head, and all kinds of grotesque images of mutilated body parts. bloodyzombies I am an a committed Walking Dead Fan, myself. And I cannot say that blood from a female’s body is more grotesque than that what is in this show. So why is it, that menstruation is so inappropriate because of the blood? rupikaur Rupi Kaur, is a creative poet who shocked Instagram with her photo series and was immediately notified of the removal of one of her photos. The photo series seeks to showcase the over-sexualization of female bodies by presenting real-life female bodily functions, including menstruation. Instagram claimed that her photo did not meet their community guidelines, hinting at the violation of nudity and mature content restriction. You can view more of Rupi Kaur’s photos here: (LINK: ) Many followers of Instagram are aware of the plethora of photos of half-naked, nude female body parts spread across the horizon of Instagram. Instagram’s actions have only proven the purpose of Rupi Kaur’s photo series. Our society is highly driven to accept woman’s body parts as mainstream sexual objects and cannot fathom the menstruation as a contribution to that sexual image. The idea of a highly sexual female does not bring up images of her menstruation. The subliminal jab is that blood is not sexy. We acknowledge celebrities breasts and booties. The female pelvis is pedestaled. onepiececollage Costuming patterns of celebrities’ pelvis’ swarm the net. Fashionable, one pieces suits are the trend of every season. We welcome this glorification, but turn our heads away when we are reminded that she has a period once a month. We are desensitized to the sacred function of the female body parts. Our morals are rooted in propaganda. I find Rupi Kaur’s photo series to be shocking and sexy. It reminds me of the truth. And the truth can be sexy. Maybe there is hope that we can begin to heal. Following our emotions, and getting down to the root of what causes them. Often, it is images like Kaur’s that may bring about shocking feeling for you. Do you need to turn away? Were you interested in seeing more? Those underneath, uncomfortable feelings are the same ones that come up for you each month. Ask yourself, why do I feel this way? What would be so bad if I saw more? Get comfortable with your body and embrace what images or memories that come up for you in your discomfort. Meditate and be comfortable with your body. During your menstruation cycle, be aware of your emotions. Watch your thoughts. I’d recommend carnelian stones to meditate with. Take time to tap into the sensations in your pelvis. Concentrate and imagine sending beautiful thoughts to your pelvis. The body is completely sacred and alive. Imagine how incredible your world would change, if you looked forward to practicing this kind of sacred ritual every month. Blessings, Further Reading: Jezebel Article: Your Beautiful, Feminine Period Stains are against Instagram (LINK: )


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