The Moon in Gemini Project

“I say fuck the rules and labels. I say fuck the trendy staples.

I got a right to write my writes how i like. So I say fuck the copyright” – krenadean

moon in gemini krenadean


The Moon in Gemini Project, is not an EP, LP or any sort of submission into the industry. It is my platform of expression. It is an introduction to the new artist Krenadean, after choosing to submerge myself into a cocoon of transformation, and breaking out with this project.

I believe it is my soul’s calling to express myself, in which I chose my natal aspect, Moon in Gemini to be the first installment of many creative projects in order to awaken the collective and break cycles. Using my years of Astrology studies, I’ve matched each song with an aspect of my chart. It is my goal to introduce authenticity and originality of myself to the world. I am fond of subliminal messaging, as to why I have vigorously studied the occult. With the Moon in Gemini Project, I can merge all of my interests onto one platform that all reaches towards changing the world through my own individual voice.


I am hopeful to inspire listeners to investigate and look up the hidden messages in this project. Finding out more about their own astrological transits and creatively learning about the occult info in this world. The same info that I have been investigating in my cocoon for years.

I have a very deep message to artists today. As I believe that we are pinned against each other like gladiators in Rome. We fight for the best, most talented artist… all trying to achieve one thing. I believe creativity is an individualistic aspect of us that we have strayed from. Instead, most artists want the success and only seem to understand success through the medium in which it is presented; fame and money.

The movement behind Moon in Gemini, is for me to be a display, in showing that I do not have all the perfection of a product of the industry. But because I desire to express, it is my divine right to do so. I am hopeful that this movement will encourage other artists to pursue their dreams and creativity through a means that works for them, rather than reaching outward for the record labels or the music industry to save them or help them find success.

For the Astro Geeks, below is the assigned transits to each song. On my page Moon in Gemini, you will find the free downloads, graphic art, and lyric book of all the songs.

Stay tuned for the next part of the Moon in Gemini project.




Track 1 & 2 – Moon in Gemini – moon in gemini

Track 3 – Unspoken – venus sextile chiron

Track 4 – Speechless – mars opposing saturn in the 2nd house

Track 5 – Skin DEEP – sun in the 8th house

Track 6 – My escape – pisces in the 6th house

Track 7 – Good girl – libra rising

Track 8 – GOOD GIRLS – aries descendant

Track 9 – Black Petals – moon in the 8th

Track 10 – Love Addicted – mars in the 8th

Track 11 – Sidewalks – sun on cusp of 7th and 8th house

Track 12 – Beautiful – chiron trine ascendant

Track 13 – Nothing like you – sun trine neptune

Track 14 – Lost in the Game – mercury conjuncts venus in aries


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