The Cycle Breaker blog

2010-07-24 18.12.58Thank you for visiting The Cycle Breaker blog!

This is a platform for those who dare to explore the possibilities of real freedom. For me, it is a crazy ride, and I’d love to have some friends for the journey. I have a divine love for music. I have a vision for a renaissance of creators who will let go of the standards and seek inner artistry. This is the journey I am on as an artist. I have studied eastern and western astrology for years and have explored other occult (hidden) knowledge. Through these tools, as well as new found studies on ancient civilizations and missing pieces of history, I’ll share with you my personal journey and discoveries.

On many occasions I will be seeking still to break free from my own mental cycles, so I surely don’t claim to be an expert or authority on any of these subjects but more of a student. I encourage you to have an open mind and feel free to share your thoughts.

I follow spiritual advisors Teal Swan, Ralph Smart, Ra Imotep, Rasalila healing, and many others. However, I believe that we are all creators of our own spirituality. I encourage you to create yours. Be your own hulu guru!!! I am seeking to connect my spirtual and artistic interest to benefit the elevation of the human mind and make some beautiful music along the way. Blessings to you!

please feel free to reach out to me with questions, comments, and suggestions 🙂 ❤ K